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  1. The following may not be altered, modified, changed or repaired, replaced, decorated, removed, added or extended, closed or painted without the prior written consent of the Association: Limited common elements, any interior or exterior portion of the building or unit of the condominium, including, but not limited to the balconies, patios, terraces, parking area, walls, ceilings, handrails and doors.
  2. The following must not be erected, adhered, constructed, exhibited or exhibited in common or limited elements or in any exterior part of the building, unit of the condominium to exterior areas belonging to the units of the condominium: Awnings, patio ceilings, fabrics metal, curtains, fences, drains, lattices, bars, blinds and lights of reflective material, television or radio receiver antennas, garden ornaments, fans, air conditioners, wires, lights, curbs, sidewalks, bricks, slabs, etc.
  3. The following cannot be hung, displayed, painted or glued on the inside or outside of the unit that is visible to the outside, without the written consent of the Association:

         Advertisements, news, decorations, clothing, blinds, curtains, etc.

  1. Carpets and mats cannot be placed on the front of the units’ door without the prior written consent of the Association.
  2. Personal effects cannot be stored in the patios, terraces or balconies without the prior written consent of the Association, unless said patio, terrace or balcony has been enclosed according to the Association's requirement.
  3. It is not allowed to install bars on the outside of the windows of the unit.
  4. Only satellite discs smaller than 18 "in diameter are permitted with the prior written consent of the Association and only on the roof of the building.