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  1. Parking areas, sidewalks, walkways, stairways, corridors, and all common and limited areas shall not be obstructed or blocked or used for any purpose other than parking, entry or exit to the properties; nor shall they be used to store strollers, plants, bicycle tricycles, scooters, skates, skateboards, market trolleys, toys, benches, chairs, tables or other similar objects that cannot be used for this purpose.
  2. Children will not be able to play or meet in the hallway, stairs, parking areas and other public areas.
  3. None of the objects listed below may be shaken or hung from any window, door or balcony or be exposed anywhere in common areas or limited common elements: temporary dumpsters, milk jugs or other items. NO clothing, cloth, curtains, carpets, etc. may be left in the corridors, balconies or in the cavities of the stairs.
  4. The common and limited areas should be kept free of garbage, debris and other undesirable materials.
  5. Residents should avoid objects falling from a window, door or balcony.
  6. Residents shall not sweep or drop to any unit dust, dirt, trash, water or any other substance in the corridors, balconies or in the areas surrounding the building or grounds. Residents who live on the second floor cannot bathe their dogs on the terrace.
  7. No flammable, combustible or explosive, chemical or corrosive substance shall be maintained in any unit or common limited areas, except those required for standard use in the home. Residents living on the second floor are not allowed to have BBQ on their terraces.