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  1. Each owner who plans to be absent from the unit during the hurricane season must leave their unit prepared before leaving (a) removing all furniture, plants and any other objects from the terrace or patio, (b) must designate a signature responsible or individual to take care of the unit in case it suffers damage and (c) notify the administration office and the name of the person in charge of the unit.
  2. The installation of shutters against hurricanes is allowed, only with the prior authorization of the Association and county approved inspection.
In the case where an owner (or tenant) places plywood plates as shutters (which is prohibited), the owner or tenant will be responsible for removing them. In the event that any damage occurs on the walls of the building, the owner of the apartment will be responsible for its repair in such a way that the walls of the building should remain as they were originally; otherwise the apartment owner will have to pay for all the damages that have occurred.