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  1. The unit of the condominium must be sold, transferred, rented or rented according to the regulations stipulated in the declaration of the condominium. Any attempt to sell, rent or rent a unit without the prior approval of the Association will be considered a breach of the declaration of the condominium and the transaction will be completely canceled and canceled, and no interest or title of the property and towards the buyer or tenant will be considered valid.
  2. The tenant of each unit must deliver a deposit of $ 500.00 (security deposit) in the name of the Association. This deposit will be returned fifteen (15) days after the expiration of the rental agreement and delivery of the unit. If at any time during the legal life of the contract, the tenant or visitor thereof, causes damage to any part of the Property of the Association or Property of the Condominium, the Association may exercise the option to appropriate all or part of the deposit to repair the damages caused.
  3. The association will not be obliged to approve or consent to the sale, transfer, rent or rental of the unit where the maintenance fees are not up to date or where the owner of the unit is in violation of the rules and regulations of the Association or the declaration of the condominium.
  4. In the event that an owner wishes to sell, transfer or rent his unit, before accepting the offer he must submit the request in writing to the board of the Association together with any other information required for approval and a $ 100.00 money order for your transfer.
  5. Every year if the tenants continue in the unit they have to present a copy of the new lease in the administration office.
  6. No lease of the unit can be done for less than one year.
  7. When the unit is sold or transferred, subject to the approval of the Association, the new owner will have ten (10) days to deliver to the Association the property title registered in court along with the financial statement of the closing.
  8. If the unit is rented, your tenant can not rent any room in the apartment to another person. The owner is responsible for what his tenant does and the board reserves the right to cancel the lease.