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  1. No resident may keep a home animal on the property of the condominium without the prior written consent of the Association and in accordance with the Rules and Regulations.
  2. In the event that a resident is allowed a pet in the unit, said resident, in addition to the rules and regulations that are adopted by the Association, will be subject to the following restrictions:
  • The animal will not be allowed outside the unit unless it is in the custody of the owner and tied with a strap that does not exceed four (4) feet in length or loaded.
  • The animal must be taken off the building site to any area that is designated by the Association to meet its needs.
  • The owner of the unit will be responsible for any damage caused by his animal to the building, ground, floor, walls, slabs, carpets, stairs, etc. and the owner agrees to pay all costs resulting in repairs of any damage done to the property of the condominium.
  • The owner of the unit is financially responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused to another unit owner, occupant, and guest, employee of the Association or to any public member, caused by the animal.
  • At the resident’s expense if necessary disposal of the pet is necessary in the event the pet makes noise, barks or damages the building or there are reasonable complaints from other residents.
  • No animal can be maintained by any resident in any part of the condominium that constitutes a nuisance or interferes with the tranquility of the residents of the community. Such as, terrace, patios and balconies.
If your unit is on the second floor it is not allowed to bathe the dog on the terrace.